Exclusive Q&A With Hendrik Joerges


“Hendrik Joerges is set to have a very special impact on Southern Hemisphere Summer this year – of that there is no doubt in my mind.” – Das Kapital

His name might not yet be familiar, but the young man’s music is already bouncing around local airwaves and sending crowds into frenzies.

Durban born DJ and producer Hendrik Joerges began experimenting with Fruity Loops at the tender age of 11 and began classical training in piano and guitar at the age of 14. It wasn’t long before record labels started showing interest, but he was waiting for the right one. Soon after he found his match (end of 2013, Das Kapital’s Do Work Records) he produced remixes for Royal K and later on worked on a remix for Pascal & Pearce.

Joerges recently released his debut single “Til the Sun Comes Up”, which features LA-based vocalist Emmie, and has already foudn its way onto several prominent DJs playlists.

“My debut single ‘Til The Sun Comes Up’ is really a very special production. I started working on it in November 2013 and finished it in September 2014, with over 100 hours project time (time spent working on the track). I went through a hard time in 2013 and the melody that I came up with in this track was a means of expressing and releasing the emotional pain I experienced. That’s why it’s a very special and emotional production for me”.

The progressive house track is a sure-fire hit for the Summer and if you haven’t heard it in the club yet it’s probably because the DJ’s nowhere.

Recently we had the opportunity to chat with Hendrik so we shot him some quick, unconventional questions.

Q1. Describe the colour magenta, to a blind person.

A1. It looks how strawberry ice-cream tastes. Pretty average.

Q2. Have you had your matric dance yet? If so, did you pull? If not, are you going to?

A2. I have had my matric dance! I didn’t pull though, I went with a good friend of mine. But I must say, I didn’t look too bad in a suit, no matter how ridiculous the bow tie was! [Ed: thanks for the pic!]


Q3. If you were on the first manned mission to Mars, what 3.5 things would you take along?

A3. After watching Interstellar I’m almost 100% sure I will never get into a rocket/spacecraft. Nope.

Q4. What is Nicki Minaj hiding in her hindquarters?

A4. Enough butter to feed Africa.

Q5. Can you moonwalk?

A5. I actually can…

Q6. What do you think about while brushing your teeth?

A6. This may sound weird, but I think about what I’d look like with a beard. I’ve always wanted a beard.

Q7. A koala in a speedo interrupts your set and grabs the mic, what does he say?

A7. If by any chance a Koala would ever have the ability to speak, I’d probably think he was Jesus. So he’d probably be reading out the 10 commandments.

Q8. How tall are you measured in loaves of bread?

A8. One loaf of bread is 30cm long (I googled it), so about 6 loaves of bread. I’m 6 loaves tall.

Q9. We just found the word “dilhouette” on Urban Dictionary. Without looking it up, what does it mean?

A9. The dark shade and outline of a dildo? [Ed: Pretty much, “The silhouette of a dick.”]

Q10. Have you ever been punched in the face? Tell us about it…

A10. Yes I have… My friend Sabelo and I had a huge fight in grade 6. So I punched him in the face and he punched me back. It wasn’t as painful physically as it was emotionally :(

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