Going To Synergy? This Guy Is Your Benchmark

In a few hours Synergy Live, one of the season’s biggest parties, kicks off. As always, people will be going big, but just how big is up to each individual. For those of you going for the prize though, we suggest taking some tips from our friend in the video above…

He has two primary advantages over his fellow dance-floor adversaries:

Sweat TowelThe Sweat Towel

The sweat towel is a hugely underrated party item. It’s size makes it easy to take with you anywhere and its uses are almost infinite: wiping sweat from your face, drying up spilled drinks (bad form), rolled up as a pillow, rolled up as a towel whip, and so much more.

The GripThe Gorilla Grip

Not so much an accessory, the Gorilla Grip is a technique that must be developed over years. There are 3 basic steps to mastering this invaluable move:

  1. Get to the barrier – easier than it sounds, but crucial to performing the move; no barrier, nowhere to grip.
  2. The grip – at the barrier, clear some space and make contact with the rail. Be sure to wrap your fingers right around and hook in your thumbs, losing your grip while head banging could lead to serious injuries.
  3. Assert your dominance – as can be seen in the video above, you need space to move and the only way you’ll get that space is by taking it. Start with small, but firm movements, gradually increasing your dance diameter until you find a distance that you’re comfortable with.

And that’s it! With your towel handy and your grip perfected, go forth and dance!